Ixenir (Flaming One)


A small, red, draconic creature roughly 3 feet from nose to tail clings sleepily to the shoulder of his Gnomish companion. While small, a feeling of hidden power emanates from it’s body despite it’s diminutive size.


The familiar of [insert character name here], a Gnome from [insert homeland here], Ixenir appears to most as a sleeping pseudodragon; however, he was once something far greater. In centuries gone by he had been a mighty Red Wyrm from the burning lands. He rules great swaths of territory with a shrewd, tyrannic sovereignty. that all changed when he marched an army of orcs, trolls, and ogres upon the realms of the lesser races of Jorudan. Heironeous, the deific justiciar of storms, intervened before Ixenir could carry out his full plans of conquest, reducing him to his current form.

Most people suspect nothing of Ixenir’s true nature and he spends most of his time feigning laziness and probing the minds of those around him for information and relaying useful things to his servants… er, allies.

Ixenir (Flaming One)

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