Kohana of the Tall Tree son of Hanska


Bad ass Wood Elf who shoots things with a bow. He is 4’ 8" tall and 95lbs. Green eyes, brown hair in dreads down to the middle of his back. 109 years old. (which is almost adulthood for Wood Elves) He is from the forest north of Ganji. Currently wears a leather vest and pants with some older furs adorning his outfit. Has a hawk animal companion named Chaton.


Leaving his home at the young age of 98, trying to find something different, Kohana has been traveling and finding random work for the last 11 years. For the past 8 months he has found steady pay as the lookout on a Tairen trading galleon the Wave Jumper and using his superior bow skills when necessary. He feels out of place with the lack of trees, or land for that matter, but being up high in the crows nest he feels at home. He always intends to return home to Tall Tree but there is always that next thing which keeps him from going back.

Kohana of the Tall Tree son of Hanska

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