Recap of Night II

For the boating and slit-throating enthusiasts

Aramil, Dizzy, Kohana, and Ixenir awoke from their experiences on the island in a the ship's longboat atop a mountain on the eastern border of Ganji, overlooking the small castle-town of Shinjin. They were quickly set upon by a small group of goliaths, who directed cries of "murderer" at Kohana. Powerful blade magic from Aramil, the intimidating presence of Ixenir, Kohana's feral savagery, and the gleeful magiks of Dizzy made short work of their foes, killing two and sending the leader fleeing. 

Descending the mountain by way of boat-turned-sled, the party was greeted and escorted to the castle by a small detachment of Lord Jurodai's men. Ixenir remained to guard the treasure, and the rest of the party bore witness to the exiled Goliath knight known as Storm-Breaker defeating the lord's previous champion to become Jurodai's new martial champion.

The victory was interrupted by the arrival of Gonada, a paladin of Heironeous and member of the Order of the Faith Invincible. Gonada served an arrest warrant with the signature of the to Lord Jurodai for the murder of a paladin, which the lord spurned. After ordering his 14 odd assembled samurai to attack Gonada, the steely paladin dispatched them with little more effort than would be expected from slicing butter, forcing Jurodai to swear to attend trial in Torunaga, the capital of Ganji. The lord swore, and off went the paladin.

Jurodai then hired Aramil, Kohana, and Dizzy to kill the messenger he knew would be sent to Kyroka and then the capital by Gonada announcing Jurodai's decision to peaceably come stand trial. The party, now included Storm-Breaker, the goliath knight, traveled along the Tuatha forest, on horses granted by the good lord Jurodai. They encountered Odeiga wood elf warriors of the Shaded-Veil sept., who provided a grudging escort out of their realm to where the party intended to lay their ambush for the messenger. After being charmed by Dizzy, the wood elves remained to assist as lookouts for the ambush.

Storm-Breaker met the paladin messenger and killed him most brutally in honorable single combat. The message of Jurodai's consent to trial was found on the body, as well as a missive requesting Order of the Faith Invincible reinforcements from Kyroka (some 100 footmen and 20 paladins). The party then agreed to scout the mountains for Kayanke, the battle-chief of the wood elf escort, and provide information on the Ram-Hammer goliath's strength and numbers for the Shaded-Veil and Odeiga. Kayanke agreed, and decreed that he would owe a debt of Toh (honor) to Storm-Breaker and his retainers for this information.

The party returned to Shinjin, made some spot checks (thanks for playing!), and reported the death of the messenger and that friendly contact with the elves had been made by the party and that they intended to set off into the mountains to scout the goliath forces assembled there on behalf of the Shaded-Veil. Jurodai consented, and paid out 500 Ganjin gold marks to Aramil, the supposed leader of the group, as well as 100 marks to the Storm-Breaker. The party rested and was healed, preparing to set out on the morrow. 


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