The Hexblade class (CW p.5) in Jorudan functions akin to the warlock in that power is received from a dark patron or from extraplaner heritage. At first level, this grants the Hexblade a bonus feat and adds options to his list of bonus feats. The hexblade must meet the prerequisites of any feat he selects from his list.

Fey Patron
Prerequisite: Alignment non-lawful
1st Level Bonus Feat: Fey Heritage (CM p. 43)
New Options for Bonus Feats: Fey Legacy, Fey Power, Fey Presence, Fey Skin

Fiendish Patron
Prerequisite: Alignment non-good
1st Level Bonus Feat: Fiendish Heritage
New Options for Bonus Feats: Fiendish Legacy, Fiendish Power, Fiendish Presence, Fiendish Resistance

Draconic Patron
Prerequisite:  Alignment non-chaotic
1st Level Bonus Feat: Draconic Heritage
New Options for Bonus Feats: All draconic feats in Races of the Dragon (p. 102)

The class otherwise functions as written. 


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